Father Pete’s Journey Home
Oct 31st, 2013 by Father Chris

I am happy to report that Father Pete arrived home safely yesterday.  His journey took him from New York’s JFK Airport to Frankfurt and then to Chennai in southern India.  With the connection the travel time was almost 24 hours.  It will certainly take him several days to recover from the change of so many time zones. 

Again, we are thankful to God for the gift of the time Father Pete has been able to spend with us and we look forward to his next visit very soon!


Father Pete and I at the Lufthansa Check in counter at JFK Airport on Tuesday afternoon.


Father Pete prepares to go through security.  He was sad to leave and we were just as sad to see him go.


Father Pete’s first flight en route to Frankfurt.


This graphic is difficult to read but it shows Father Pete’s flight close to landing at Chennai.  He flew more than half way around the world.

A Farewell Party for Father Pete
Oct 28th, 2013 by Father Chris



Today the staff members of the office had a farewell party for Father Pete.  We also surprised him with a birthday cake since his birthday is November 4th!  It was a wonderful opportunity for all of us to express our heartfelt appreciation and love to Father Pete for his service to all of us during these last few months.  While we know Father Pete has responsibilites to his people back in his native India, we are always grateful for  the time he is able to spend with us here at his home away from home at Saint Anthony’s! 

Father Pete will depart for India tomorrow afternoon from JFK Airport and will arrive in Chennai on Thursday morning.  I will include a post tomorrow with more information about his departure.  Check back then! 


Members of the parish staff gather at the Rectory for a group photo before the farewell luncheon.


Father Pete’s Birthday Cake.


Father Pete receives the cake with the candles lit.


Father Pete is surprised when he blows out the candles to see that they are the “trick” relighting kind.


Fathe Pete blows out the candles and makes a wish.  Oh how I wish his wish is similar to my wish – that he will be able to return again next summer to help us!

A Special Gift from Father Pete
Oct 28th, 2013 by Father Chris

This weekend Father Pete presented a magnificent gift to the people of  Saint Anthony of Padua Parish.  The gift, more specifically, is intended for the students of our S.T.A.R.S. Religious Studies Program.  This beautiful painting which Father Pete painted is of Jesus embracing two young children and in the background are numerous STARS which represent the students and families of our parish religious education program. 

This painting will be permanently placed in the S.T.A.R.S. Office as a constant reminder of Father Pete’s love and prayers for us and our love for him.  Thank you Father Pete for this very special gift!


 Father Pete’s gift to the people of Saint Anthony of Padua Parish. 

The “Timeline” of Jesus
Oct 28th, 2013 by Father Chris

Yesterday at the Family Mass the 7th grade students presented a timeline of the life and ministry of Jesus.  The timeline was displayed in the front of the church and parishioners were able to view it at the end of Mass.  Additionally, the students created a “Book of Memories” of Jesus’ life. 

Congratulations to the students and catechists for a great job on this special project.  We look forward to the procession of Saints this Sunday in celebration of All Saints Day.  Students have been researching a particular saint whom they will dress as for the “Saints Procession” this Sunday at the Family Mass.  There has been a lot of enthusiasm surrounding this project and we are eaglerly awaiting Sunday to see firsthand the hard work which has been done.  Congratulations in advance!


The Timeline of Jesus’ Life and Ministry is displayed at the Altar rail in church yesterday for the Family Mass.


A “Book of Memories” of Jesus was also compiled and displayed.

Happy 98th Uncle Louis!
Oct 26th, 2013 by Father Chris


Louis Monturo

This is a purely personal post but one certainly worth mentioning.  Today, October 26th, is Uncle Louis’ 98th Birthday!  We thank God for his long life which has been filled with so much love.  And, we offer our prayers to him today and wish him continued health, happiness and love. 

Louis Monturo was  born in New York City on October 26, 1915 to Benjamin and Celeste Monturo.  He was the youngest of 9 children.  For many years he worked with his brothers a the Esso Fuel station they owned on Manhattan’s west side.  He later worked for himself in upper Manhattan and was the proprietor of Monturo’s Liquors.  In 1971 he moved to Boynton Beach, Florida where he has lived since.  In florida he became involved in his parish church, Saint Thomas More, and in local civic organizations.  He also kept busy with various odd jobs.  He has lived a very faith-filled life always praying the rosary and attending Mass each Sunday and during the week as well.  His example is one worth following.

Uncle Louis has always been beloved by his family members and friends.  He has lived his life with a generous spirit always thinking of others before himself.  I am sure that it is for this reason that the Lord has looked so favorably upon him and granted him a long, healthy and happy life. 

Happy Birthday Uncle Louis!  We love you!  God bless you!

Happy Birthday Blog!
Oct 21st, 2013 by Father Chris


This month marks 3 years since the inauguration of this blog on our parish website.  The first entry was published on October 15, 2010.  I offer my heartfelt thanks to Bob Serra, our webmaster, for all of his help and guidance over these past three years.  He works very hard to keep our website up to date.  And, he makes it one of the finest parish websites anywhere. 

It is my hope that the blog entries I have offered over the past 36  months have helped in education and evangelization for all who tune in and read from near and far.  This outlet is just another instrument in my view for carrying the Gospel to as many people as possible.  I have tried to make this blog a place for positive parish and community news and commentary.  I  hope you have enjoyed it as much as I have.  I anticipate that this is just the beginning of many other wonderful opportunites we will employ over the years to come to reach out to tell the world about the wonderful things God is doing for us here at Saint Anthony of Padua Church in West Harrison, New York. 

Thank you for tuning  in and reading.  God bless you!

Purchase Fire Department Inspection
Oct 21st, 2013 by Father Chris

On Thursday evening, October 17th, Father Peter and were honored to attend the Purchase Fire Department Inspection Dinner.  We met at the Purchase Fire House at 6:00pm for the Inspection and then proceeded to Century Country Club for the formal dinner.  This is always a beautiful event and we congratulate all of the officers and members of the Purchase Fire Deparment for another job well done.


This year Purchase Fire Department is celebrating its 75th year!  This is the beautiful cake which was provided for the celebration.


Everyone enjoyed the cocktail hour and then the dinner following.


Father Peter, who serves as the Purchase Fire Department Chaplain, offered the Invocation.

Being “Exposed” to Something New
Oct 21st, 2013 by Father Chris


Last Tuesday evening hundreds of students of our STARS Religious Studies Program, family members and parishioners filled the church for a presentation on the meaning and significance of Exposition of  the Blessed Sacrament and Benediction. 

It is amazing that so many young catholics and even their parents have never experienced the beauty of this ritual which is such an important part of our faith tradition. 

In my explanation, I showed the various vestments which are used, the monstrance, the different music which is played and sung, the meaning of the use of incense.  All of this was well received by those in attendance.  Additionally, I explained terms like “making a visit” to church and what a “Holy Hour” is. 

I also wanted to be sure everyone knew about the times when the Blessed Sacrament is exposed here at Saint Anthony’s.  In fact, this time of prayer and meditation is available every Wednesday from 8:30am until 6:00pm and also on the first Saturday of every month from 9:30am to 10:00am. 

Thanks to Jean Jacksen for all of her hard work in putting this special event together.  And thanks to all who attended.  We hope this “exposure” to something new will inspire you to grow more deeply in your faith by spending more time in the presence of the Blessed Sacrament.

Police Department Open House
Oct 12th, 2013 by Father Chris

Today the Harrison Police Department held their Annual Open House.  This event is part of the “It’s Great to Live in Harrison” weekend.  Hundreds of people visited the Police Headquarters on North Street.  There was food and beverages available as well as various demonstrations by the Police Department, Fire Department and Emergency Medical Service. 

It was a great pleasure to see so many young families at the Open House.  Many young children with their parents and grandparents filled the facility and its grounds.  This is important so that from an early age the citizens of our community come to realize that the police officers who patrol our neighborhoods are here to help us, they are our friends.  So often people have the idea that it is the other way around but it is not.   

I offer congratulations to our Police Chief Anthony Marraccini and the entire Harrison Police Department on a job well done today.  As is always the case, you made our community proud again!  We thank you for all you do each day to make our community such a safe and enjoyable place to live. 

I am personally honored to be associated with the Harrison Police Department and to serve as the Police Chaplain.  This gives me the opportunity to know so many of our police officers and to pray for each one of them and their family members every day.  I am happy to say what we already know so well – thanks to the leadership of Chief Marraccini and his capable staff, we have the finest police department anywhere in the country here in Harrison. 


The Westchester County Police Department landed one of their helicopters on the property of the Police Headquarters and offered tours for those who attended the Open House.

police dog

One of the police dogs gives a demonstration.

police chief

Here I am with our Police Chief Anthony Marraccini.  I am wearing my Police Chaplain jacket.  It has my name, a cross and a police shield.

police mayor

I was so happy to see our Mayor Ron Belmont.  He is doing a great job leading our community.

Happy 40th Birthday Father Thad!
Oct 12th, 2013 by Father Chris



Father Thad and me in Saint Peter’s Square in Rome during a visit in 2011.


Today, October 12, we join with priests and friends in Rome, India, the United States and around the world  in wishing Father Thathireddy a very Happy 40th Birthday!  Father Thad and I have always had in common the fact that our birthdays, in a way, overlap.  My birthday is on October 11th and Father Thad’s on October 12th.  This makes it easy for us both to remember! The one big difference, however, is that Father Thad is 2 years younger than me. 

We still have such wonderful memories of Father Thad’s time with us here at Saint Anthony’s during his summer visits.  We hope he will be able to visit again soon and we extend our warmest best wishes and prayers on this special occasion.

Father Thad, we thank God for the gift of your life and the gift of your priesthood!  Thank you for the blessing you are to so many.  We are grateful to God we have shared friendship over these years.  All the best from Father Chris, Father Peter, Father Pete and all of the staff and people of Saint Anthony of Padua Parish.  Ad Multos Gloriosque Annos! 


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