Give Blood – Give Life
Jul 31st, 2011 by Father Chris

Our Blood Drive is quickly approaching.  The Blood Drive will be held on Sunday, August 21st.  There will be sign-up sheets in the lobby of the church on the weekend of August 13th and 14th for those who wish to participate.  Donors must be between the ages of 17 and 75 and in good health and you must also bring identification.  Each time we conduct a blood drive we generally get between 40 and 50 pints of blood.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could surpass that number in this blood drive!  Please think about giving blood because when you give blood you truly do give life!

Midnight Run
Jul 31st, 2011 by Father Chris

One of the great outreaches of our parish is called the “Midnight Run”.  Parishioners from Saint Anthony’s go to New York City and spend several hours distributing food and clothing to the homeless and hungry in the neighborhoods of the city.  Our next Midnight Run is scheduled for next Saturday, August 6th.  Please keep those who will be participating in this great program in your prayers as well as those who are less fortunate and have fallen on difficult times for whatever reason who will be helped.  Any time I meet the homeless or hungry I always see myself in their eyes and in their faces because each one who will be served next Saturday night is just like you and me loved by God and loved by someone who is a family member or friend.  There is only one difference – they have less than we do.  Let’s pray for them and for ourselves that God will be with those who serve as well as those who are served. 

Saint Gregory the Great Carnival
Jul 30th, 2011 by Father Chris

Next weekend Saint Gregory the Great Church in Harrison will be having a carnival.  All parishioners are invited to Saint Gregory’s for this event for their parish.  The hours are: Friday August 5th from 6pm to 10pm, Saturday August 6th from 5pm to 10pm and Sunday August 7th from 4pm to 8pm.  The address is: 94 Broadway, Harrison, New York 10528.  Enjoy fun, great food, games, raffles and entertainment!

Change of Plans
Jul 29th, 2011 by Father Chris

As you know, for several weeks we have been anticipating the arrival of Father Larry Paolicelli as Parochial Vicar here at Saint Anthony’s.  Earlier this week I learned that the Archdiocese has decided to assign Father Paolicelli to another parish with greater need.  This weekend in the bulletin you will see a welcome to Father Larry because the bulletin was already sent to print before I received the news of these changes.  However, there is a letter insert from me to all parishioners which reads as follows:

July 31, 2011

Dear Parishioners:

In the bulletin this weekend you will see an announcement welcoming Father Larry Paolicelli to Saint Anthony of Padua Parish.  After the printing of the bulletin was complete, I was notified that there is need for Father Larry to assist in another parish elsewhere in the Archdiocese.  Taking into consideration the large number of parishes and the scarcity of priests today, this is completely understandable.  While we were very much looking forward to Father Larry’s presence here with us at Saint Anthony’s we understand and support this decision on the part of the Archdiocese and wish Father Larry well in his new assignment.


Reverend Christopher Monturo
A Special Message from the Pastor
Jul 29th, 2011 by Father Chris

In the bulletin this weekend you will see the following announcement from me regarding the rental of the former Saint Anthony of Padua School building:


Over the past few months I, along with members of the Parish Council and Finance Committee, have been working closely with the Real Estate and Legal Departments of the Archdiocese of New York on the possibility of renting our school building.  I am pleased to announce that we are in the final stages of completing lease arrangements with a New York State school district for special needs children.  The parish will continue to utilize the school building for our Religious Education Program as well as all of our other regularly scheduled parish activities and events throughout the year.  More information will be forthcoming once all of the arrangements have been finalized.

Reverend Christopher Monturo
Two 6th Grade Catechists Needed
Jul 29th, 2011 by Father Chris

Our Religious Education Program is still in need of TWO 6th Grade Catechists to instruct our young people in the faith on Monday evenings from 6:30-7:45 PM.  If you would be willing to share your faith and join our Religious Education Team please call the Religious Education Office at 949-0212.  No previous experience is necessary and you will be instructed in what you will need to do.  Please consider helping the parish and our young people by becoming a 6th Grade Catechist this year!

10th Anniversary Mass
Jul 24th, 2011 by Father Chris

I invite all parishioners to join us for a special Mass for the 10th Anniversary of the Attacks of 9/11.  The Mass will be celebrated at 10:15 AM on Sunday September 11th.  The music and homily will be geared to the anniversary.  And we will end with a special Memorial Service on the front plaza of the church.  Please plan to come and pray with us at this special celebration on September 11.

Above, is a beautiful display of the shields of departments in New York City which lost hundreds of members in the attacks on our nation on September 11th, 2001. 

Lights shine heavenward from the World Trade Center site on the anniversary of September 11th.

This weekend I spoke with someone who is instrumental in the construction of the September 11th Museum which will open next year.  She told me that the most striking part of the museum is that when you are there you will be totally surrounded on all sides by the photographs of those who died.  And, in the center a theatre which will be constantly telling the individual stories of each person.  She said, what is important is that this was not an attack on an individual or on an idea it was an attack on each and every one of us.  Any one of us could have been there that morning.  Any one of us could have died there.  And, every one of us has been effected by this. 

Let us NEVER EVER forget what happened 10 years ago at the World Trade Center, the Pentagon and in the air above Shanksville, Pennsylvania.  We must continue to remember that day, celebrate the memories of those we lost, and condemn with all our being the evil that perpetrated these despicable acts of hate on us and our  nation lest it ever happen again!

Air Conditioning
Jul 22nd, 2011 by Father Chris

The very title of this post gets a lot of attention when it’s 106 degrees outside!!  This is just a “heads up” that next weekend July 30th and 31st we will be having a special collection for air conditioning of the church during these hot summer months.  May I prevail upon you to consider being very generous in this collection?  As you know, we try to keep the church cool for all weekend Masses.  And, we also must air condition the church when we have funerals during the week as well as weddings on the weekends.  There have been a couple of days (like today) that the temperatures have been so hot that we have even had to turn the air conditioning on for a very brief time in the morning for the morning Mass.  We try not to do this  unless it is absolutely necessary.  Your generous help in this special collection will allow us to continue to make the church as comfortable as possible for all parishioners for all Masses.  Thank you in advance for your kindness and God bless you for your generous support!

I love this shirt!

Just looking at this picture for a couple of minutes is helpful – an image from last winters blizzard!  I added this in hopes that it might be a slight consolation.  Don’t worry, the snow will be here before you know it!!

Forgive the “pausa”
Jul 22nd, 2011 by Father Chris

Well, I hope you can forgive the brief pause these last few days.  Things have been quite busy in this mid-July time frame.  And, it has been too hot even to blog!  Today, following a burial service at Mount Calvary Cemetery the thermometer on my car registered the outside air temperature at 111 degrees!  The TV meteorologists said that the high in NYC today was 106 and 108 in Newark with a “heat index” of 114 degrees.  Really, the best thing to do is stay inside.  So, that is exactly what I am doing now, hence, a time to catch up!

Earlier today I had a meeting with our Coordinator of Religious Education.  We looked over the calendar for the upcoming year and clarified some questions.  I want to tell all of the people of Saint Anthony’s Parish, but especially the children and families of our Religious Education Program – YOU ARE IN FOR A GREAT YEAR!  I hope you will return in September excited and ready to become energized in your faith.  I am quite sure that is exactly what is going to happen.  I was excited today while I listened to Mrs. Jacksen describe some of the projects she wants to involve our young people in.  And, she will be consulting and working very closely with our catechists, as well, to seek the input of these most dedicated and generous parishioners who are each so important to our Religious Education Program. 

As you have heard, we will be holding our semi-annual Blood Drive here at Saint Anthony’s on Sunday August 21st in the Lower Church Hall.  Sign-up sheets will be available in the lobby of the Church after all Masses on the weekend of August 13 and 14.  In order to be a blood donor you must be between the ages of 17 and 75, in good health and bring with you identification.  On a personal note, I give blood at least twice a year.  Giving blood is a wonderful way to help save lives because that is exactly what it does.  Please consider giving blood this year in our blood drive here at Saint Anthony’s on August 21st.  The life you save may be your own!

And, on Saturday August 6th our parish will, once again, have a “Midnight Run” to New York City to feed and clothe the poor of the city.  I extend thanks to all who help make this fantastic project possible.  Special thanks to Ralph DiDonato who donates so much time and energy as well as the transportation to make the Midnight Run happen.  So many others help in the planning and in the distribution of the food and clothing and to all we are deeply indebted.  Jesus said, “whenever you did it to the least of these, my brothers, you did it to me!”  Thank you for this great outreach of our parish which helps put Jesus’ words into action!

These are just a few of the items of interest happening around the parish.  If you are traveling, have a pleasant and restful vacation!  If you are home, stay cool.  God bless you all!


To “Life”
Jul 12th, 2011 by Father Chris

Earlier this morning at the 8 AM Mass I reflected, in my brief homily, on the Psalm.  Psalm 69 reminds us: “Turn to the Lord in your need and you will live”.  The psalm is a cry of anguish from one who is in great distress.  However, the psalmist also gives us a very deep and meaningful insight which goes beyond simply the everyday “living” that we ordinarily think of in our day-to-day existence.  It even goes beyond reference to eternal life which we most often see in the scrpitures.  In fact, the “living” that the psalmist refers to is a life free from the anxiety, stress and fear which cause a divide in our relationships with oneanother and with God. 

Perhaps, today on this hot, humid day in mid July it is a good time to allow ourselves to be reminded that we must daily turn to the Lord in all of our needs so that we may have the life of joy, happiness and peace in abundance that God intended and destined us to enjoy.  Turn to the Lord and let the burdens, stresses and fears of life be lifted and LIVE!

Just a thought for today and one that I hope is helpful.  God bless! 

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