Welcome Fathers!
Jun 28th, 2011 by Father Chris

We welcome back to Saint Anthony’s Father Pete Philominraj who arrived today from India to assist us for the summer months.  Father Pete will be here until Septemeber 15th and we are so happy to have him back with us!

Father Pete arrives at JFK International Airport today

We also welcome Father Joy’s brother who is also a priest who will be traveling throughout the United States for the next few weeks.  Father George Devassy will be staying with us at Saint Anthony’s visiting Father Joy for a few days and will be back and forth as he travels for the next couple of weeks. 

We welcome both Father Pete and Father George.  Enjoy your visits!

Mystery post
Jun 28th, 2011 by Father Chris

I have received several emails inquiring about the previous entry which was entitled “Festivals and Pilgrimages”.  I had intended to enter some information about Saint Vito’s Festival on Sunday in Mamaroneck.  And, I also had included some information about the upcoming Pilgrimage to the Divine Mercy Shrine in Stockbridge, Mass.  This information was included in last weekend’s parish bulletin and I will include it in another update soon.  Unfortunately the computer I was using did not update the post at the time of entry and only the headline showed up and no other information.  Sorry for any confusion!

Festivals and Pilgrimages
Jun 26th, 2011 by Father Chris

Summer Music
Jun 22nd, 2011 by Father Chris

In this weekend’s parish bulletin you will see the following statement from me regarding music for Sunday liturgies here at Saint Anthony’s for the summer months.  Our music program is such an important and integral part of the liturgical life of our parish.  And, we are so grateful to our choir and our Director of Music, Laurence Broderick, for all of their hard work and dedication through the year.  As usual, the choir will take a well deserved break during the months of July and August and we look forward to everyone returning renewed and energized in Septemeber for another exciting year!


I take this opportunity to thank the members of our choir and our Music Director, Laurence Broderick, for the extraordinarily hard work and dedication that they have invested during the past year.  Laurence and our choir members have continually provided our parish with the finest in liturgical music and we are deeply grateful for all of their efforts and accomplishments.

As is always the case, our choir will be on “hiatus” for the months of July and August.  Additionally, this year, Laurence Broderick has been granted a “summer sabbatical” for July and August.  As you may recall, in the past at Saint Anthony’s there was no music at Sunday Masses during the month of August.  This summer we will resume that custom and, in addition, we will not have music at Sunday Masses during the month of July.  The usual arrangements for music of funerals and weddings that are scheduled will be made.  I anticipate resuming our normal music schedule with Laurence and our choir back in place in September.

Thank you for your understanding and God bless you all.

Father Christopher Monturo


Jun 22nd, 2011 by Father Chris


As we enter into the summer months and things slow down a little bit and we all take some time for rest, relaxation and vacation, now is a good time to remind ourselves that summer is not a time to also take a vacation from God.  God is always with us and we have an obligation to attend Mass each and every Sunday even when we are away.  If you would like to find a church and Mass times while on vacation please feel free to visit www.masstimes.org and you can locate a church community and find out the times of Masses anywhere in the world.  I hope this information is helpful during these summer months as we all enjoy some “down time”.

Again, have a wonderful summer and see you soon!

A Happy Summer to everyone!  After the cold, snowy months that we had this past winter it is nice to have some warm weather and long sunny days.

Jun 20th, 2011 by Father Chris

I am very happy to announce the appointment of Mrs. Jean Jacksen as the new Coordinator of Religious Education here at Saint Anthony of Padua Parish.  Below you will find the official statement that I published in last weekend’s bulletin to all of our  parishioners regarding this important information. 

Mrs. Jacksen’s appointment brings to a close a consultative “search”  process of several weeks during which time the members of the Search Committee and I kept in mind the needs of our program at this time and for the future.  Our meetings were conducted with prayer and thoughtfulness and we all feel that Mrs. Jacksen is the best person for this position in our parish at this time. 


Over the past several weeks we have been carefully interviewing candidates for the position of Coordinator of Religious Education here at Saint Anthony of Padua Parish.  And, we have been praying daily that the Holy Spirit would lead the right person to our parish as Coordinator.  I am happy to report to you that we have selected a new Coordinator of Religious Education – Mrs. Jean Jacksen.  For the past 3 years she has been Assistant Coordinator of Religious Education at Holy Name of Jesus Parish in Valhalla.  Prior to her position as Assistant Coordinator she was a Catechist at Holy Name for 6 years.  Jean is also the proud mother of a 14 year old son. 

Mrs. Jacksen will take over officially as Coordinator on July 25th.  For the next few weeks Jean will be “in and out” of the Religious Education Office here at Saint Anthony’s handling some preliminary preparations.  In the next couple of weeks all of our religious education families and catechists should expect to receive a personal letter from Jean and I invite ALL parishioners to come and meet Mrs. Jacksen on the weekend of July 9th and 10th.  Jean will speak at all Masses on that weekend and she will be available after Mass to greet and speak with everyone.

Jean was highly recommended by the Catechetical Office of the Archdiocese of New York.  And, she comes to us with a vast wealth of experience, a great deal of personal enthusiasm and with many innovative and creative ideas.  I am sure that she will be a very welcomed addition to our pastoral team here at Saint Anthony’s and I thank her for accepting this new responsibility and for all that, I know, she is going to do for our Religious Education Program in the years to come.

I thank the members of our Search Committee who have dedicated so much time and effort in the selection process over the last several weeks.  We were fortunate to have many enthusiastic and qualified candidates who applied for this position.  Unfortunately, we are only able to hire one Coordinator and the  members of the Search Committee and I feel that Mrs. Jean Jacksen is the best person for our Religious Education Program at this time.  I hope you will join me in welcoming Mrs. Jacksen and let us give her our total support and confidence as she begins her ministry among us!

Father Christopher Monturo


Jun 12th, 2011 by Father Chris

Today we celebrate the Feast of Pentecost.  And, the word Pentecost literally means “fiftieth day”.  Pentecost, of course, is celebrated seven weeks or fifty days following the Solemnity of Easter and commemorates that day when the Holy Spirit was sent upon the Apostles and Mary to remain with them and with us until the end of time.

This morning in my Pentecost Homily I explained to those gathered at the 10:15 am Mass that Pentecost was not simply something that we should talk about or read about but rather something that should be experienced by all of us.  After all, the gifts of the Spirit given to us Sacramentally in Baptism and then solidified in us at Confirmation are meant to be taken, appreciated, lived and used by the faithful to help us, inspire us and guide us throughout our lives. 

I pray that the Holy Spirit will continue to be sent upon us and that every member of our parish will be open to receiving every gift of the Spirit fresh and new in their lives this Pentecost and always!

Veni Creator Spiritus, Mentes tuorum visita! 

 Happy Pentecost!

Magnificent Concert!
Jun 11th, 2011 by Father Chris

If you were not here tonight you missed a magnificent concert!  Drew Santini treated those in attendance this evening to one of the finest performances I have ever heard.  Thanks to Drew and to the string quartet as well as pianist Riko Higuma for their extraordinary talents and for sharing beautiful music with us tonight!

Above, you can see Drew Santini and other musicians during one of the selections of tonight’s concert. 

Musicians perform in the beautiful Sanctuary of our church.

Drew Santini Concert
Jun 9th, 2011 by Father Chris

This Saturday evening we are proud to host the Drew Santini Concert featuring renowned pianist Riko Higuma.  The concert will take place in church and it begins at 6:30 pm.  Tickets are available at the door before the concert.  You will see below the advertisement which has been publicized over the last few weeks in the media and around the community.  I hope to see everyone there!  It is sure to be a wonderful and most enjoyable evening.

Festa Procession
Jun 8th, 2011 by Father Chris

Below you will see photographs taken during our Annual Festa Procession this past Sunday.  It was a wonderful parade through our neighborhood blessing our parishioners and their homes.  Thanks again to everyone who made the Procession and our Festa great once again this year!

Above you can see Saint Anthony after he has been “vested” for the procession.  This beautiful image of our patron graces our church throughout the year.

Crowds gather on the plaza in front of church for the start of the procession.

Saint Anthony is ready to process!

The procession winds it way up Harrison Street.

Above, we visit one of our parishioners and bless her home.

The band plays as we process.

Visiting with parishioners during the procession.

The procession nears the Festa Grounds!

The procession enters the Festa Grounds!

Blessing the crowds as we procession through the Festa Grounds.

Above, I lead a prayer service after the procession had reached the Festa Grounds.

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